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Please call or text us at 970-793-8119 to discuss class options or to set up a punch card.
Class Schedule
Knitting Classes

Thursdays 5PM-7PM

Saturdays 1PM-3PM

Crochet Classes

Wednesdays 11AM - 1PM

Saturdays 3PM-5PM

We have a punch card system for our classes. For every punch card, you pay $80* and get 4 classes, which works out to $20/session. They can be used for any class, any time, and expire 6 months after purchase. We also offer a drop-in function, $25 per class.

For the most part, we have a minimally structured class setting, so we cater to your personal skills and knowledge, but we also do themed classes depending on interest (i.e. costume/cosplay).

Sewing Classes

Tuesdays and Thursdays

By appointment

*Sewing price varies. If you use your own machine/are doing hand-sewing, it’s $80 per punch card. If you use one of our machines, it’s $100 per punch card for machine maintenance.

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